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With Raisin.ie you get free access to attractive savings products from banks across Europe via one account. Saving at Raisin.ie is online and hassle free.

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Best interest rates

Together with our partner banks we work on providing you the most attractive interest rates from across Europe


Access attractive term deposits safely and securely online

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Seamlessly transfer funds to our network of partner banks across Europe from the comfort of your own home

Welcome to Raisin.ie

Welcome to Raisin.ie

We give you total control of how you save your money, ensuring that you can quickly and easily see how your savings are doing.

Our free one-stop online savings solution has been designed to help you earn more money from your savings. With a range of partner banks offering deposit  savings accounts with competitive rates in one place, we take the hassle out of finding the right savings account for you.

We want to make your money work harder, not you. Once you’ve registered for a Raisin.ie Account, you won’t need to fill in another application form. Just log in, click apply, agree to the terms and conditions and transfer your deposit to your Raisin.ie Account.

It’s that simple.

Protected by the Deposit Guarantee Schemes

Protected by the Deposit Guarantee Schemes

Our marketplace features savings products from a range of banks across Europe, all adhered to their respective national Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

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